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Inspired by the iconic Mexican mesh tote, the design team at Sole has created a line of mesh panel bags. An up-grade from their Mexican kin, these bags are comfortable, durable and stylish. Strategically placed mesh allows sand and moisture to escape while soft handles and a cross-body strap make it versatile for multiple uses. 

It all About the Mesh, Durability and Comfort

Back in the day we’d stock up on the colorful and cheap plastic totes whenever we were in Mex. There was nothing more versatile and handy for carrying our stuff no matter where we were headed, to the grocery or down to the beach. Sunblock, towels, drinks, snacks and toys all found their way into those bags. The sand would shake out of it on the way back to the car and towels would practically dry themselves in that bag, it was so well ventilated.

As awesome as that Mexican tote was it wasn’t ideal. For one thing, it wasn’t too long before it would wear out, rip and fray, ending up in the trash. The worst part, though, was the handle. Plastic coated wire, finger-numbingly tight, made that Mexican beach bag painful to use. Sure, we used it anyway as it was the only mesh bag out there. No one else made one. Until Now.

The Sole Supply Company went to work replacing those tiny plastic handles with generous 2” wide soft polypropylene handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Our bags are made of lightweight and colorful up-cycled vinyl, a practical choice that keeps material out of the landfill. The mesh panels are all-weather as well, so these bags are practically indestructible. Waterproof and weatherproof, they can be used indefinitely in the sun and sand making them a responsible choice. We believe the right bag replaces many of the wrong bags.

Reusable, lightweight yet strong, we know these bags will lesson your need for disposable solutions and simplify your life. We think you’ll love your Sole Supply Company bag. But if you don’t, no worries just return it for a full refund.


The Real Reason We love to watch you surf

by Lee Puffer March 10, 2016

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By: Leap of Her •

Here’s the thing guys. We love to watch you surf, we really do. If only we could see you. At my guy’s favorite break he’s usually one of at least 10 small black specks in the big  blue. And he’s not the guy that finds a spot and stays there waiting for the set to come in. He is constantly moving. So if I look

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